If you’re a Trades Person …

Whatever sort of trade you work in the change will probably impact upon you.

You may do a lot of work for Landlords or Letting Agents already and will see reduced business as maintenance budgets are cut. Some Landlords will lose their properties so will have no need of your services. In the worst case scenario there could literally be hundreds of thousands of properties being sold off.

If you don’t work directly on maintenance of tenanted properties you will see more competition from those that do as the tax change takes effect. You will probably, at the very least, have to become much more competitive to win business.

If you work on building sites then you will probably see a return of the situation that existed during the dark days of the recession and building virtually stopped. If you were affected by that then you'll know what it felt like and won't be looking forward to it happening again.

Of course if you’re a tenant and a tradesperson the tax change will hit hard.

If you think that we’re right in what we’ve said and want to stop the proposed tax change on mortgage interest relief please write to your local MP to ask him/her to support you.