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4th Feb 2016
Proposed Claim for Judicial Review
Read the letter to HMRC from Cherie Blair CBE QC

3rd Feb 2016

Read up on the developments of the judicial review.

28th Jan 2016
How to Solve the Housing Crisis
A 6 step plan alternative on how to solve the housing crisis.

26th Dec 2015
Judicial Review of Clause 24 - Crowd Justice
Thanks! This case has been fully funded now.

16th Dec 2015
Is The Conservative Party Really One For Home Ownership?

If you are in one of the categories on this page, then you need to read this!!!

You might think this doesn't affect you ...

Think again!!!

  • Are you a tenant?
    You may well be the most badly affected!
  • Employed or in business?
    We think this new tax rule could hit you badly
  • Are you a landlord?
    If you are then please take a read
  • Or do you just live in the UK?
    We think this tax change will affect pretty much everyone

There are so many ordinary people who are going to be affected by this bizarre proposed law. Get involved now by contacting your local MP's and telling them how this affects you and read this web site to find out specifically how this could affect your life style.

And read more on how this could affect you.


Are you worried about rising rents and the condition of your property falling into disrepair? A recent survey shows 56% of landlords intend to increase rents as a result of this proposed tax change.


Home Owners

Are you worried about house prices dropping or higher rents forcing tenants to save longer before they can purchase their own property? The proposed tax change could have a huge impact on home owners.



Landlords are set to be hit in 3 ways: Increase in IPT from 6% to 9.5%, the 10% Wear & Tear allowance being scrapped and of course the proposed change to tax on mortgage interest relief. Lower rate tax payer? You might be in the higher bracket if this comes in!!!


Letting Agents

Rents may go up initially, but if landlords are forced to sell, how will this affect your business? With increased rent, rent arrears might go up as well!!!


Property Pension

Have you just invested your pension money into property? Well after all, the media, investment firms and the government have encouraged it. If so, or you're thinking of doing so, you really need to read this!!!


Trades People

If you get a lot of business from letting agents or landlords, your business could be severely compromised if this proposed change to the tax laws goes ahead.


Business Owners

You probably believe, like we do, that PROFIT = REVENUE - COSTS. Well, it seems the Chancellor doesn't anymore. If he can do this to a property business, he can do it to yours.


Mortgage Brokers

You've built up your business and reputation. How many of your clients are landlords?


Local Council Housing

Your job is about to get harder - as if it wasn't hard enough. If landlords start to sell up, where are you going to house everyone? We know councils rely on private landlords.


Estate Agent

Are you worried about the potential downturn in the Buy To Let market? It is currently at 15%. What would happen if you lost 15% of your market?


House Builders

You know there is an enormous shortfall in housing, and 15% of mortgage approvals are in the Buy To Let market. Will you be able to continue in a falling market?


First Time Buyer

Think this is a good thing? Don't believe the spin! Rising rents could hold you in rented accommodation for longer.


Housing Charities

The proposed change on mortgage interest relief could hurt your clients badly. Landlords may need to evict the most needy and sell their properties.